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July 14, 2018

Can a Marriage be 50-50?  

When I first saw the post I thought, what the #*?! So I watched the clip and...I agree with Steve. "Marriage is 85% woman and 15% man."

As far as responsibilities in my marriage we live 85/15 existence. I give 💯 effort & energy to my designate...

August 23, 2017

Leaning to God and depending on His direction in day-to-day situations.

July 6, 2017

Living in the gulf coast region of southeast Texas, floods are a yearly occurrence, so we've kinda gotten used to it. There will be at least 2-3 flood days where the city shuts down and residents will have to be rescued from their homes because the water came in too fa...

March 21, 2016

Let me first say, it is not my intention to pass judgment on anyone. It has been my mantra for years and the catalyst of my career that we “parent the way we are parented unless we purposefully choose to do something different” (Lewis, 2006). I listened to Michelle Bla...

February 9, 2016

Have you ever thought about what happens when snow melts? What about snowy/icy ground? Nope, me either. In a First Grade Science Lab last semester, I found out The Arctic Ocean is melting!!!

Not that big of a deal right, ice melts and puts more water in the ocean! EXCEP...

February 2, 2016

Are you in a relationship that you think is over, I mean... you feel it he/she feels it and you're both just holding on because it's what you know?

So many times people stay in a relationship because it's comfortable, it's the only thing they know or they're too afraid...

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