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Along for the ride

Are you in a relationship that you think is over, I mean... you feel it he/she feels it and you're both just holding on because it's what you know?

So many times people stay in a relationship because it's comfortable, it's the only thing they know or they're too afraid of what the future will hold if they move on. I want to help you change how you think about your situation.

First try to think back to the last racing movie you've seen, you know the kind with death defying races that go so fast, illegal doesn't even began to describe the driving in the film. Your relationship is the car, you and your partner are both along for the ride. The car is going 130 mph on a winding road and you're running out of road.

Your partner bails, is gone, has jumped out and is running the opposite direction looking for safety. But you're still in the car, seat belt fastened looking at the empty seat wondering what to do...

You have two options:

1) you can stay where you are, go over with the car and face guaranteed hurt, pain and certain irreversible death; or

2) you can get out, unlatch the seat belt and free yourself; sure the car is moving and you're bound to get hurt a few scrapes and bruises even.

Which would you choose? ...Of course #2 is the better choice you'll survive and with time your scrapes and bruises will heal and you'll live to see another day. What's more (thinking about the relationship again), you would've learned from the experience and you're better prepared for the future you've allowed yourself to have by choosing YOU!