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A self-makeover, easier than you think

Therapy Makeover Photo: Nickolay Lamm

Have you ever thought about what happens when snow melts? What about snowy/icy ground? Nope, me either. In a First Grade Science Lab last semester, I found out The Arctic Ocean is melting!!!

Not that big of a deal right, ice melts and puts more water in the ocean! EXCEPT that Polar Bears roam around the Arctic Ocean and Arctic Circle. If they're out roaming and get stuck on an ice cap heading south, they end up in Canada. Still not bad, right? Northern Canada is cold enough they should be comfy! However, Grizzly Bears live in Northern Canada. Okay...still what's the big deal?

  • Polar Bears, will HUNT humans and eat them for food.

  • Grizzly Bears, don't hunt humans and typically will only attack if their babies are in danger or they feel threatened.

These Bears are mating and as of 2014 a new species of bear has been identified

  • The Pizzly Bear, How will it view humans? Food, Foe, Friend...Who Knows

My take away, if Bears can leave their comfort zone, step out on the ice and try something new, why can’t you. So many times, I hear my clients say, “but I’ve always…” or “..it’s just the way I am.” I wonder, maybe we could take page out of the Polar Bears book and completely re-invent ourselves.

As I see it, this news speaks volumes to breaking intergenerational curses; for those parents I see who have become comfortable with “well I was raised that way and I turned out alright.” Can you imagine the possibilities if we offered our children or grand-children a world of possibilities on a path that no one’s traveled before and supported them as we figured it out along the way (with them)?

What would you need to do to start over, to try again and give yourself (or your children) a new start with an outcome too magnificent to imagine?

OAN: Guess who won't be traveling to Northern Canada anytime soon!!