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Why birds don't drown

Living in the gulf coast region of southeast Texas, floods are a yearly occurrence, so we've kinda gotten used to it. There will be at least 2-3 flood days where the city shuts down and residents will have to be rescued from their homes because the water came in too fast while people were sleeping and everyone (even the meteorologists) were caught by surprise. We don't have pets but usually, when watching the news coverage of the rescues, there are inevitably those families in dire need to rescue their pets and livestock from the flood waters. On rare occasions, there are some animal conservation specialists discussing helping the wildlife.

Now I'm not certain if birds would count as wild life (they are rare pets, and hardly ever live stock) but recently I had the thought; 'you know birds don't drown in flood waters.'

I had to do a little research to check out the validity of this statement and was pleased to find how accurate my thought was (thanks, Holy Spirit)! In flood waters, birds do not drown, however, there are rare occasions when birds have been known to drown…I'll get to that later.

This conversation I had with the Holy Spirit when he told me that Birds didn't drown was completely eye-opening, I have to share. Even when humans with all of our technology and 'higher order intelligence' are caught by surprised by rising waters, birds are not phased. When their wings get wet, they simply shake the water off, as to not get weighed down. In fact, as the water rises, birds can move to higher ground or perch. Then if there is not a good place in sight to land, the bird can relocate leaving everything they've built behind and they are ready to start fresh. God has equipped birds with everything they need to survive a flood.

But hasn't he done the same for us? Can't we too survive the metaphorical floods of our lives?

When situations happen that get us a little wet, unexpected climate changes that wet up your clothes a bit because you forgot your umbrella (i.e. layoffs, a new boss, an argument with a friend) can't we shake off the water and stay the course? Sure we're a little damp, but now we're aware that things in our atmosphere are about to change and we need to prepare for it. If you weren't already in frequent talks with God, you can sense the storm coming, can't you? Preparing means spending time with God, hearing from him so you will know what he has for you to do.

When the place where we’ve been most comfortable becomes covered in water, can we move to higher ground or find a different perch to sit on? Unless God has given you the directive to stay put, there is no reason to stay in a situation that becomes overwhelming for you or stresses you completely beyond your God-purpose. Remember, we've been talking with him, listening to him during this time of the storm. The water is rising; He will direct your path. Get to higher ground where you can hear him clearly and see what happens when you allow him to show you your current situation from a different perspective.

Can you leave everything behind, if He says go? 'Change is hard'…for humans. If God is ready to move you because your current situation is no longer right for you. MOVE, don't pack a thing, don't hesitate and do not argue. Think about it... birds work diligently day-in and day-out building their nests and searching for food. And when their homes get destroyed by flood waters they don't waste time thinking about all the work they've put into building that life-- they fly on. How many times has God told you to move, and you’ve waited, hesitated or argued? He knows where dry land is, and he wants to take you there. He wants to take you to a place where the atmosphere is right for you to set up shop and be successful for the next season. Will you go?

Oh yeah, in my research, I did find that there are some birds that have been known to drown at a higher rate than others: young starlings. These birds were described as quarrelsome teenagers that travel in packs and get in each other’s way while fighting at bird baths or pools of water only to push one another in. The Starling who falls in the body of water is too young, too inexperienced and can't get out. So, drowning is the expected downfall of the immature, inexperienced and quarrelsome... Wow. How powerful!