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Effort or Responsibility?--my response to the 50-50 Question

Can a Marriage be 50-50?

When I first saw the post I thought, what the #*?! So I watched the clip and...I agree with Steve. "Marriage is 85% woman and 15% man." As far as responsibilities in my marriage we live 85/15 existence. I give 💯 effort & energy to my designated 85 as Herb gives his 💯 to his designated 15. My husband's responsibilities are intregal to the day-to-day functioning of my household, marriage and sanity. If we had a 50-50 existence (in effort or responsibility) we wouldn't work. My husband having more responsibility would stress him to the seams & me as well. I have several obsessive tendencies and I thrive off planning/scheduling EVERYTHING. That's not his style and in some of areas I would micromanage the heck out of him. We've identified his strengths and that's where his responsibilities lie. Adopting a "not my lane" mentality as I 'Let Go & Let Herb' 😊 allows me to have a special reservior just for me, my selfhood and my sanity. I've polled friends, reflected on past clients, and considered the marriages that were examples for me as I grew up, and of course came to 'the every marriage is different' or 'to each their own' conclusion. But Steve hit the nail on the head for the Taylor Household...Herb confirmed stating, "Show me the lie." 🤷🏽‍♀️